About Me

I am Jon Lister, a life-long travel obsessive from Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

After graduating with a creative degree in the midst of the financial crisis, I hatched a plan to go live in a continent I had been in love with since I first started traveling when I was 18. In 2011, I moved to Asia (Hong Kong to be precise) armed with only a backpack, and I haven’t looked back.

Eight years later, I found myself working as Head of Content at a prominent travel video company based in Singapore. Even though I was getting paid to travel, I felt it wasn’t enough. I’d traveled Asia extensively. I wanted to see more of the world. So I quit my job, and set off on an indefinite journey.

Rather than a “I went there, I did that” travel blog, Travelist is about giving simple, meaningful advice to people considering going somewhere new. Hopefully it will inspire people to get out there and explore this incredible world.

Life is short. So get out there and see the world while you can!

Jon x