5 Travel Stories From This Week

Trump in a Chinese Opera, why you should avoid London this summer, and how owning half the world isn’t enough for Bezos. Here are 5 travel stories from the last seven days.


Source: Aeroprints.com

In what might come as a surprise to those who have flown in Indonesia, Indonesian flag-carrier Garuda has been announced as the world’s most punctual airline, with 95.5% punctuality on flights in April 2019 according to a report from British air travel intelligence company OAG. At the other end of the spectrum, Cebu Pacific achieved an impressively shocking 45%. Excellent work.

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Before booking flights for your summer holiday this year, you might want to consider just how insanely hectic that place might be first. If you’ve already booked hols to Orlando, London (England), Rome, Vancouver or Dublin, you’ll be thrilled to learn that you certainly won’t feel lonely once you’re there, as these are the top 5 busiest destinations this summer. If you ain’t big on crowds, might be worth checking the list before you book the fights. Read the full story here.


Source: Sea Dream Yacht Club

In the highly unlikely event that you have a couple of hundred grand going spare and absolutely love cruises (who are these people seriously), “SeaDream Yacht Club” has announced a ludicrously OTT cruise heading to all seven continents over no less than 140 days. Every room is a luxury sea-view suite (bloody hope so too) and prices range from a paltry $13,000 USD to an eye-watering $175k. Bargain. Read the full story here.


Because owning half of the world as we know it simply isn’t good enough for select tech-billionaires, they have shifted their sights to something a bit more future-proof; space. Given that the world will be all but destroyed in a matter of years thanks to everything we lovely humans are doing, it’s a matter of time until we have no choice but to look elsewhere, which is why the likes of Musk, Branson and now Bezos are racing to own other planets before humans(/customers) turn up. Amazon CEO Bezos announced this week that his goal is to colonise the moon. “We will run out of energy,” Bezos said at a press conference, “mainly because you lot are buying so much consumerist shite that has been produced in carbon emitting factories and then delivered to your homes in gas-guzzling vans.” OK he may not have said that last bit. Read the story here.


Unfortunately it only ran for four days and wasn’t reported until after it had finished, but NY Times reported that a left field Cantonese Opera group in Hong Kong briefly ran a three-and-a-half hour long performance entitled “Cantonese Trump”, which sounds utterly brilliant. The Stand reported that in the play, “Trump had a twin brother. He was lost in mainland China since childhood, and he also made flying saucers and aliens.” Sounds almost as believable as the simple fact that Donald Trump is actually the President of the United States and the world’s most powerful man. Haha, imagine that. Read the story here.

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