5 Questions to Trevor James, AKA The Food Ranger

Source: The Food Ranger

In 2013, Trevor James won a scholarship from UBC giving him the chance to live and study in Chengdu. He started making videos about food and life in China for fun, and six years later, Trevor (AKA The Food Ranger) has over 5 million subscribers/followers, over 200 million views, and what was once a passion is now a solid living.

Me attempting (and failing) to operate a 360 camera in China on a shoot with Trevor

I was lucky enough to work with Trevor and his wife (and partner in everything The Food Ranger since 2015) Ting a few years ago on a branded TV series in Asia. Trevor and Ting’s passion for what they do is infectious, and it was a joy to meet such a genuinely lovely people who have succeeded to make a living doing exactly what they love. I asked Trevor a few simple questions about his life as a blogger and what he recommends to other people aspiring to succeed as he has.

1 – What is your most memorable travel experience?

My most recent trip to Pakistan was absolutely amazing. Both Ting and I were blown away with the hospitality of people in Pakistan. We found it hard to pay everywhere we went because people wouldn’t accept payment!  And the food was incredible. So much delicious meat! We attended a 4000 person wedding in the countryside with horse dancing, huge pots of chicken curry and delicious Pakistani desserts. The chefs kept feeding us and feeding us and we left so happy and full. It was an incredible experience. 

Source: The Food Ranger

2 – If you could only eat food from one country every day, which would it be?

That’s such a difficult question! I love Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese dim sum, Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi cuisine so much that I could eat in these countries forever. I really love how Malaysia has a mixture of these foods and is a cultural melting pot, so I would probably live in Malaysia and eat a variety of food in Malaysia every day. I would be pretty happy eating non-veg banana leaf or non-veg thali every day with a durian and some cendol for dessert!

Source: The Food Ranger

3 – If you had to eat one dish at one restaurant/outlet every day, what would it be?

In Mumbai, we fell in love with Trishna restaurant for it’s incredible garlic butter mud crabs. I would love to eat their seafood every day! I could also be pretty happy eating at Dim Dou Dak for Dim Sum every day, you can’t go wrong with that!

4 – If you had to recommend one location for people to travel to in 2019, where would it be and why?

Pakistan. The hospitality and friendliness of the locals is unmatched and it’s absolutely gorgeous with some of the best food in the world!

Source: The Food Ranger

5 – If you could give one tip to aspiring travel bloggers, what would it be?

Keep going! Try to focus on your work and not compare yourself to others. When you focus on your craft, and do your own thing, people will recognise it and you will be successful! If you have an idea, it’s easy to look around at people that have already done it before or think you won’t be successful. I think as long as you follow what’s true to your heart and focus on your own path, you will be successful!

Source: The Food Ranger

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