10 Movies That Will Make You Want To Travel

Source: Oscilloscope Laboratories

In the event that Travelist isn’t enough inspiration for you to get out there and see more of the world, fear not, for there are plenty of movies that will make you want to drop everything and hit the road. Here are 10 movies that will make you want to travel.


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For me this is the ultimate travel inspiration movie and the last time I watched it, one month later I quit my job, sold almost all of my stuff and went traveling around the world. Into The Wild tells the (roughly) true story of a young, idealistic young man who leaves his home and family, burns his money, and swaps his conventional existence for one on the road, culminating in his full escape of civilisation in the Alaskan wilderness. It’s a beautiful, thought provoking movie that will make you question your working to live lifestyle in a very powerful way.


Source: Fox Searchlight

One of Wes Anderson‘s best movies in my opinion (it’s a competitive title), The Darjeeling Limited tells the story of three eccentric brothers who travel to India on a spiritual journey. Beautifully shot, hilarious and sad in equal measure, and with a tight script so well performed that you’ll be immediately lost in the emotional, colourful turmoil that is a dysfunctional family traveling by train through India.


Source: 20th Century Fox Entertainment

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty brilliantly captures that terrifying inner restlessness we have all felt at some point in our lives; that moment when you ask yourself “what am I doing with my life“. It’s a lovely story with some beautiful imagery of Iceland and Greenland, and will almost certainly succeed in inspiring you to get out and see more of the world before it’s too late.

4 – WILD

Source: Fox Searchlight

Reese Witherspoon excels in a simple but brilliant movie about a young woman who, after a trauma, decides to walk over 1000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. It sounds a bit on the basic side, but Nick Hornby‘s screenplay and Witherspoon‘s performance (as Cheryl) are both solid, and the script’s energy and Cheryl’s determination will not fail to inspire you.


Source: Focus Features

The story of Che Guevara‘s gap year is a beautifully shot homage to the pre-revolutionary version of one of the world’s most (in)famous leaders. Riding a motorbike through the Andes, up through Chile, Peru and into Venezuela in the 60s is one for the bucket list (still working on that one) and the imagery in this movie is absolutely stunning, but the deeper story is one of poverty and freedom, and a man becoming something more.


Source: Paramount Pictures

A intelligent story of deception, sex and narcissism, The Talented Mr Ripley is one of those great movies in which you just can’t decide who to like and who not to like. It’s a smart, gripping thriller with an outstanding cast and a tight script that plays out in the sun-drenched Italian coast and will leave you obsessively checking Skyscanner for the next available flights to Rome.


Source: Sony Pictures Classics

One of my favourite movies of 2017, Call Me By Your Name could be described as a ‘romantic drama’, but is so much more. It’s a love story of two men, told through beautifully sensual images of rural Northern Italy, and is a welcome respite from the usual cliche-ridden depictions of same-sex relationships. It’ll make you want to have grown up in the Italian countryside, and as that is unfortunately not possible, it’ll make you want to go there, pronto.


The Way is an honest story of love, faith and loss, and although the dialogue is a little cliche, Martin Sheen is typically excellent as a Father seeking to finish the walk along the Camino de Santiago that his only son started, before he died. It’s one of those nice and harmless Sunday night movies and I guarantee it’ll make you yearn for the open road. And tapas. Lots of tapas.


Source: Oscilloscope Laboratories

One of the most visually breathtaking movies ever created, Samsara (the sequel to the similarly outstanding Baraka) is literally a collection of shots of nature and people, with a musical soundtrack. No talking, no real story, and it might not sound like much, but the power of Ron Fricke‘s imagery is like nothing you’ll ever see. Shot on 70mm film, it’s an expansive yet intimate look at the world we live in, both natural and man-made. It’s dazzling, and it’ll make you want to get out there and see more of the world with your own eyes.


Source: Warner Bros Pictures

Without a doubt the cheesiest movie in this list is a heart-warming story that is just about held together with the brilliance that is Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Yes, it makes out that Cancer is an almost pleasant experience, which it clearly is not, but what it lacks in depth it makes up for in scenery. If seeing two old men traveling around the world ticking off their bucket list doesn’t make you want to get out there and do the same (minus the godawful lines, please don’t ever speak like that), I don’t know what will.

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