5 Must-Try Desserts in Hokkaido

To say I have a sweet tooth is an understatement. But as much as I don’t look forward to inevitable diabetes in my old age, I just can’t help myself. Especially when I travel. And especially when I travel to the food paradise which is Hokkaido. Here are my 5 favourite sweet treats in the beautiful Hokkaido island in Japan.


Hokkaido Cheese Tarts are famed the world over. So trying one of these insanely light, soft and quite frankly perfect creations at the source is an absolute must. They are creamy, they are smooth, they are sweet, they are divine. Nuff said.


Hokkaido cows are happy cows and happy cows produce extremely tasty milk. Apparently. Whether the former part of that statement is true or not I can’t be sure of, but the latter, I can be. I love milk. I love cream. And I seriously love ice cream (to the point where I had to make a new year’s resolution in 2017 to stop eating ice cream after midday as my consumption had got out of control). Hokkaido ice cream is some of the world’s best. Creaminess to the next level. Milk flavour like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Seriously. You have to try it.


Japan does produce pretty well. And when I say well, I mean, insanely well. Hokkaido is famous for it’s fruit and vegetables (try a carrot or potato from Hokkaido) but it’s their strawberries that are my personal fave. Try a strawberry cream cake which are everywhere. But especially at this place. Because it’s utterly delicious.


Custard has always been one of my favourite fluids (is it a fluid? Probably not). I would replace water in my diet with custard if I could (you can’t, I looked into it). In Hokkaido, they take custard to the next level. And then they pump it into a fluffy pastry, resulting in a golden bubble of unimaginable goodness just waiting to be consumed in about 3.7 seconds flat (on average, if you are me).


This is something I’ve only ever seen in Japan and it was the queue that drew my attention – people were waiting over 20 minutes to get their hands on one of these things! Taiyaki is basically a kinda of crispy biscuity toastie stuffed with various delightful flavours. I love the walnut and toffee. What a combo. And the biscuit toastie thing that encases – crispy, crunchy, sweet but not too sweet. Yum.

If you know of any other Japanese diabetes-inducing goodies that you’d like to recommend, please make a comment below!

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