5 Best Hikes In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a hiker’s dream. Not just because the hiking trails are plentiful and picturesque, but because they are so flippin accessible! Just a short bus or taxi ride from the city and you can be embarking on one of the region’s best outdoor experiences. Here are my 5 best hikes in Hong Kong.


This hike is not for the faint hearted. The aptly named Sharp Peak (supposedly Hong Kong’s sharpest) is a long, tough, steep ascent, but well worth it. Amazing views from the top, and then the perfect reward of a swim at Tai Long Wan, a beautiful golden sand beach, afterwards. Be smart and rather than hiking all the way back to the road, get the speedboat from Tai Long Wan or Ham Tin back to Sai Kung afterwards. Hands down one of the best hikes in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong’s highest peak (957m) is not a particularly difficult hike, and definitely one for photographers. In the morning – especially at springtime – you’ll be treated to one of the most unique views anywhere in Asia. Looking down from above, clouds nestle in the valleys, with the tops of skyscrapers poking through in the distance. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.


There are a few ways to climb to Lantau Island’s tallest peak (869m) but my favourite is a bit of a leg-burner which starts at Pak Kung Au. If you’re lucky, when you reach the summit, you’ll be treated to stunning views of beaches, valleys and mountains.


Standing prominently in the New Territories facing Central Kowloon is Lion’s Rock, home to an awesome but fairly difficult hike and one of the best Instagram photo spots in Hong Kong.


It’s without a doubt the most publicised and well known hike in Hong Kong, partly because of it’s accessibility from Hong Kong Island, but more importantly because it’s flippin stunning. Yeah it’s mainstream. But I love it. Jump in a cab in Central HK and 25 minutes later you can be hiking along a ridge with a beautiful blue bay one side and white sand beaches the other. Not a skyscraper in sight. And the best thing is that you’ll end up at Shek O, my favourite village in Hong Kong (and possibly Asia – I secretly want to live there one day).

If you have any other favourite hikes in Hong Kong, make a comment below and follow me for more travel insights!

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